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What Our Customers Say About Us and Our Products

Below are some of the great things our customers have said about our products, services and customer support over the years.

“The conversion was seamless and uneventful. The system and data were checked and re-checked before going ‘live’ so that all glitches were worked out. The staff at MDS was with us every step of the way, on the first day as well as the critical days afterwards ensuring that no errors or issues were encountered. As with any conversion to a new operating/management software system, fear of the unknown is what scares you the most but having MDS with us made the transition a smooth one.”


Lee Ryback
CFO, The Kibel Companies
New York, NY


“I have been using your Rent Management system since June 1996. I recently switched from the DOS version to the Windows version. When we started using your system back in 1996 we were managing approximately 1,200 units, today we are managing close to 7,000 units and·we are as happy today if not happier with the various tasks that this system can perform; from the most mundane and daily tasks to·the most complicated Accounting reports. In addition the ease of using your system is amazing. My staff members are usually up and running, performing various duties with just 2-4 hours·of basic training. There have been times over the years that we purchased properties and·closed on short notice. This did not allow for a conversion of the files from the seller to our MDS system. Thus we were forced to use the other systems for several months. In particular I recall using the ‘YARDI SYSTEM’ when we purchased our properties at 1711 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.·a complex of 287 units in May of 2003. We used Yardi for several months and can tell you that getting the staff to operate that program was a very difficult task. We celebrated the day we had the conversion over to·MDS completed. Bottom line this is a Property management system that is way above the rest. Wishing you good luck in your future endeavors.”

Leibel Lederman
Rainbow Estates Group
Brooklyn, NY


“After conducting an 8-month comparative review of the more prominently known Tri-State area R/E management software providers, we concluded that MDS came the closest to providing a product that understood the complexities inherited with operating residential property within the five-boroughs of New York City.· I was particularly impressed with the ease of customization that streamlined the transition from our previous in-house software.· This coupled with an attentive tech-support team, continues to prove that our decision to go with MDS was the right choice.”

Steven J. Lavelle,
Director of Operations, Ventura Land Corp.
Queens, NY


“Tri-Star Equities has been a client of MDS since May 1997. The change from our previous software to MDS was a seamless transition. Fourteen years later, we can still say that we are extremely pleased with both the way the software runs and MDS’s knowledgeable staff. We couldn’t even imagine having another software for our Real Estate Management Co.”


Roxanne Hirsch
Director of Operations, Tri-Star Equities
New York, NY


“Thank you for being such a great partner over the years.· Since 1992 your staff has helped us to efficiently handle every type of problem you can think of- the system especially shines when it comes to dealing with rent stabilized units.· We recently implemented document imaging system and I cannot imagine working without it.· We look forward to working with you for at least another 15 years.”

Larry Malitsky
President, East Realty/Galster Management
New York, NY


“We implemented your system in September 2007 and to be honest, I was skeptical that you could convert what was promised.· I am happy to say that your team delivered an accurate, complete and timely data conversion within the budget we were quoted.· Since then, we have added the document scanning, check scanning and online tenant payment options to our system.· Each of these programs has been a tremendous investment and has ultimately saved me time and money.· Keep me posted on any new developments.”


Josh Koppel, CPM
President, HSC Management Corp.
Yonkers, New York


“As a self managed cooperative of 10,000 residents Glen Oaks Village has utilized Multi Data Services for the 17 years that·I have been here and a couple years before that.· Due to the size of Glen Oaks which encompasses 110 acres, 134 buildings and 2900 apartment units, our operation is really like running a small city.· The Multi Data Services property management program has been instrumental in keeping nearly two decades of information on each of these units.· We use the receivable, collection, payables and year-end reporting extensively.· The program provides us with numerous needed reports and assists us extensively in legal issues.· We have about a dozen types of tenancies such as rentals, rent stabilized and shareholder occupied.· Multi Data Services helps us keep these organized and up to date. · Whenever a question comes up that we don't have the answer to we know we can call their service and always have the question or problem resolved by their staff.· Multi Data Services has been an excellent match for Glen Oaks Village.”


Randy Gunther
Controller/Officer, Glen Oaks Village Owners, Inc.
Queens, NY


“I have been using Multi Data's Property Management Software for nine years now.· The product meets all of our needs for all aspects of our real estate management business.· We manage sixty commercial properties nationwide and their software concisely captures all aspects from receipts processing to accounts payable as well as the general ledger package which makes our year end work a breeze.· Multi Data's customer service is always thorough as well as timely, and their software is updated automatically as they make changes to the software itself or as the various regulations change in the industry.·“

M. Fremder
Carard Management/Palin Enterprises
New York, NY


“MDS is not just software in a box that you buy; their team of professionals are like an extension of your company, there to assist you. The MDS software integrates real estate operations, book-keeping and New York rent management functions seamlessly: ·Functions that are invaluable to us include tenant, apartment, building and company history and receivables, rental income tracking, deposit slip printing, work orders, lease managements, general ledger and account payable functions, reporting features, exports to Microsoft programs, scanning and integration of invoices, ticklers and much more.· We cannot imagine running our business without this software and the helpful personnel at the MDS company”

Ruth Mazurek
President, Provident Operating Corp.
Queens, NY


“Our firm specializes in the management of co-ops and condos and has been using the MDS Property Management Program for just under 12 years. We have found it to be extremely user friendly, even for those with little experience. For example, I recently hired a young temp to help out with year-end work. She was able to pick up the program after showing it to her only one time, which is a true testament to the ease of working with this program. Also, when someone on the MDS staff answers one of my “how-to” questions, my response more often than not is, “Wow, that’s easy!”

Speaking of the MDS Staff, although I don’t have to call MDS every day or even every week, whenever I do call their office, I am always greeted in a friendly manner by a person who knows who I am. The MDS staff is extremely helpful and works hard at answering my questions and resolving my problems promptly. I never feel like I am being talked down to, as has been my experience with others in the computer industry. The MDS staff seems to work well together, as I also don’t have to re-explain the reason for my call, if my problem or question must be passed to a different technician.

My favorite feature of the program is the Report Packager, which allows me to easily group A/R, A/P and G/L reports into one report for the necessary monthly reporting I do for the co-op and condo boards. I can easily group different reports for different buildings to correspond with each individual board’s requests and needs. This feature alone saves me a huge amount of time every month.

The MDS Property Management Program has enabled our firm to efficiently and effectively manage more properties without the need of hiring additional office personnel. I recommend MDS highly. “

Kitty Benden
President, Foremost Management Corp.
Palisades Park, New Jersey


“We are a new client of MDS [as of January 2011]. I think it’s important for new clients to know that changing our software to MDS was the smoothest transition from our old system to new. The training and support just backs up the quality of knowledge and expertise a company needs. Thanks to MDS our company is now working on a system that covers all aspects of our business and is simple to understand.”

Terry Famigletti
Office Manager, Miller Realty Associates
Glen Cove, NY


"I want to tell you how much I love MDS, it just keeps getting better.· I've used MDS for the last 2 years and for me I would consider it extremely easy to use, yet very sophisticated.· Also a very efficient and friendly customer support team.”


Gary Bachrach
Controller, Taube Management
New York, NY


“This is state of the art real estate management software that provides our company with all the tools we need to provide effective management and reporting for our buildings. The staff and support is fantastic.”


Richard Delgrosso
Controller, Mutual Redevelopment Houses, Inc.
New York, NY

“We have been clients since 2006 and recommend MDS highly.· Our conversion in the middle of a fiscal year was error free due to advance work and programming of MDS.· Our onsite training was thorough, informative and one on one. ·The software is extremely user friendly and the support staff is always available to help.· The software supports all property management functions and use, including imports and downloads from other parties, freeing us from tiresome data entry.· The continued upgrade and improvements to programs seem always to be one step ahead of our wish list and streamline use.· We would not hesitate to recommend MDS. “


Susan Axelbank
Vice President, Gerard J. Picaso Inc.
New York, NY


"We are a third generation family business which owns and manages New York City multifamily property. We switched to MDS two years ago and I truly believe that had we not made the switch, we would have had to hire an additional employee to help us keep up with our day to day workload. MDS allowed us and continues to allow us to stay lean. It is an incredibly well thought out software with equally well thought out add-ons. In particular, we love the barcode scanning feature which allows us to easily store and retrieve documents, invoices, lease renewals, etc all within the system.”

Mark B.
Vice President, FM Realty
New York, NY


“In all environments IT support makes the difference, MDS has never let me down.”


Pedro Blandino
MIS Director, AVR Realty
Yonkers, NY


·“We have been using the MDS system for almost as long as you have been in business.· I am not exactly sure when we first joined the MDS team but I believe it was almost 20 years ago.··Those were the·the old days of DOS and impact printers.· During this period of time we have seen the system evolve into a modern, Windows based system that has expanded over the years and which makes our daily, monthly and annual accounting, billing and reporting functions much easier.· The continued updating of the programs with new functions and better reporting is very much appreciated.· We try to utilize the system for almost every one of our requirements and find that the more we demand of it, the more it gives us.· The ability to communicate with the staff at MDS is unparalleled and helps tremendously when the unexpected arrives or when requesting refinements or personal preferences.· We hope to continue to enjoy the benefits of your system for many years to come. “

Robert B. Spring
Managing Member, Four Seasons Realty Group LLC.
Commack, NY


“After examining several custom and packaged programs for one which would best suit our co-op business model, we chose MDS. We have now been using MDS for over six months and we are quite satisfied with the MDS experience. The most important feature of MDS is the support team. When we do encounter a problem, we call the support team. Using their on line support system, they guide us through each step, explaining the procedure and ··fixing our problem. They are always available, always friendly and always very patient. There are many good products, but few have the kind of personal support that comes with MDS.”

John DePasquale
Operations Director, Alley Pond Owners Corp.
Queens, NY


“MDS has been the backbone of my business for over 20 years. During this time they have proven to be like a key employee, or a trusted partner in helping TCM achieve tremendous growth and success. MDS's innovative programs and un-paralleled support are keys to our mutual success.”


David Goldstein
President, Total Community Management Corp.
Bellmore, NY


“For the last 15 years,· CDT Management used the Raish Property Management system.· After extensive research and comparisons with other programs, we selected MDS.· MDS was radically different from Raish and it was a very scary change for our office.· MDS's support staff made the transition painless!· They were patient and understanding while we learned an entirely new software.· After a short four months, we can't imagine how we survived so long without them!· The software is very user friendly and each day we discover new features that simplify our daily tasks.· Jesse and Pete have been great!· Customer service is when you need it, not hours after a problem develops!· Compared to much larger companies, we are individuals and not just client #1234.· Thank you, MDS for becoming a part of our business!”

Maria Monaldo
Property Manager, CDT Management
Mamaroneck, NY


“MDS is an efficient tool for property managers everywhere.· As the president of a New York based management firm that maintains over 70 buildings, I am convinced that any company that deals with rent stabilization and city agencies on a day to day basis should purchase this program.· The software significantly reduces much of the time it takes to prepare DHCR forms, renewal leases and rent registration as well as streamlines various other processes.· These features have helped to optimize the performance of my employees and enabled me to keep track of my organization unlike ever before.· Coupled with the financial and work order systems, MDS has helped us manage our portfolio in a more innovative way than ever before.”

Matthew Gelfand
CEO, Bedford Management Co.
Brooklyn, NY


"MDS has been a wonderful addition to our property management firm.· We now have the ability to run a variety of highly valuable reports while keeping all the pertinent tenant info. and building financial data in one easy to access application.· I would highly recommend MDS to anyone, especially because of their New York specific updates and renewal processes.· This software is an absolute must for any property management firm that is serious about organization."

Chris Lukacs
President and Owner, Andrick Management
New York, NY


"The benefit of MDS is that it is solely focused on what New York City owners/managers need.  Managing properties in New York City is a highly specialized business and after meeting numerous other software providers, I came to realize that MDS is the only company that truly understands the idiosyncrasies of what we, as New York City properties owners, require."


Jordan Vogel
Co-Founder, Benchmark Real Estate Group, LLC
New York, NY



“MDS has been the backbone of my business for over 20 years. During this time they have proven to be like a key employee, or a trusted partner in helping TCM achieve tremendous growth and success. MDS's innovative programs and un-paralleled support are keys to our mutual success.”

David Goldstein- Total Community Management Corp

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