Property Management Software to handle the unique needs of the New York real estate market

Our NY Specific Features

MDS is a family owned and operated company that has been providing property management software to the local New York market since 1982.  By focusing on our local market, we are able to respond rapidly to changes in local law and market trends.   When the DHCR changes a regulation it affects over 90% of our client base.  As a result, features and reports relating to rent stabilization and the DHCR are updated with speed that is simply unmatched in the industry.

Also, since the New York market is unique in its high proportion of cooperative and condominium developments, we include all of the specific niche features that make it easy to manage shareholders' accounts and to provide fast, accurate and professional report packages to co-op boards.

Some key features of MDS related to managing property in New York include:

Complete DHCR lease renewal packages including the most up to date renewal lease and all related lead, window guard, tenants' rights and preferential rent riders. You can even add your own custom riders to complete the package.

Printing of Annual Rent Registration forms (RR-2A and RR-2S), as well as preparation of electronic media for submission to DHCR. There is no need to re-key tenant related information because the system automatically populates these fields for you

Tools for handling preferential rents to maximize your legal collectible rent as market trends improve

RPIE Reporting Worksheets

MCI Increases fully integrated with renewals and rent registrations

Mitchell- Lama Housing Surcharge calculations & HPD reporting

Ability to flag important work orders by class to include things like "HPD Violations"

Tools to efficiently manage Section 8 subsidies

1098 processing and printing for cooperative owners, including pro-rata calculations for sales throughout the year

Global charges and credits of maintenance and other charges or abatements based upon factors including number of shares or by maintenance multiplier. MDS includes a host of ways to produce a global change in billing.

Complete suite of features to handle your commercial real estate portfolio

A friendly, knowledgeable staff that can speak intelligently about the best way to handle  the unique challenges you face when managing property in New York


“MDS has been the backbone of my business for over 20 years. During this time they have proven to be like a key employee, or a trusted partner in helping TCM achieve tremendous growth and success. MDS's innovative programs and un-paralleled support are keys to our mutual success.”

David Goldstein- Total Community Management Corp

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